What Are The Different Types Of Courses?

Master Pathways

Develop Your Expertise

We have thousands of courses which can help you master a new skill in a specialist area. They start from beginner to expert so which meets with all levels of education. They are designed for you to be able to develop specific competencies and confidently practice in the field. Master courses equip you with all the knowledge you need to prepare for the final exam and practice in the area. As with all our courses, you will be awarded a Hallmark certificate of completion, but there are hundreds of courses that also offer additional professional certification.

Short Courses & Micro-Learning

Get What You Need To Know On The Go

Our short courses appeal to people who have busy lives who need to get the know-how on the go. You can take advantage of our portfolio of specialist subjects and low monthly fees for unlimited access to 80,000+courses. Our courses range from business and management, computing, healthcare, manufacturing, creative industries, languages, law, finance, teaching, and so much more. Short courses can last from a few minutes to an hour. Many are offered in a series of courses to enable you to brush up on just what you need to know or develop a skill and boost your CV. In addition to Hallmark certification, provided for all course completions, we also have many short courses which offer professional certification and credit.

Professionally Certified Courses

All oir courses provide you with a Hallmark Leadership Certification upon completion. However, we also have 4500+ other certified programs from a long list of recognised providers. Such include CPE, CPD, PRINCE, Microsoft, OSHA, IOSH Approved and many many more. We also have hundreds of bootcamps which provide you with all you need to know to pass the exam. Take A 7 Day Free Trial To Search For Your Course Choice.