The She Can Philosophy

If you’re wondering why should you look at your thoughts when pursuing any goal, you must know that the most important battle you will ever have in life is with yourself. No one sees your professional potential or appreciates you unless you do. By being accepting and compassionate towards yourself, it’s possible to conquer your inner critic and rewrite the life script you’re following.

To achieve great things in life, you need to take responsibility for your thinking. Whilst it’s not possible to change your personal history or life experiences to date, you can choose to let go of ingrained attitudes, adjust your perception, and adopt a zero-tolerance policy for self-destructive thoughts. By contemplating the impact of your thoughts you can identify how they affect every aspect of your life. If your core thoughts are positive, they will support you in your endeavours.

She Can’s empowering content reinforces positive thinking and inspires actions that move you closer towards your goals. Whether you’re embracing setbacks and creating a pathway to renewed self-belief and self-confidence, or you’re committed to maintaining a zero-tolerance for negativity in all areas of your life, understanding the power of thinking will help you achieve your targets and goals.

Read the informative She Can life, leadership and career pieces to discover what you can do today to enhance your experiences. Our personal and career development tools and practical advice will also help you make changes that facilitate greater success in everything.

If you perceive yourself as someone who can achieve goals, who is worthy of career rewards and success, and who deserves relationship happiness…you really can have it all!

For Your Wonderfilled Future!

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She Can San Diego's Roots

She Can San Diego is a Proudly owned By Hallmark Leadership Inc. Located in San Diego California. Hallmark is dedicated to supporting leaders and their business in reaching their next level performance. The company is built on a deep passion for helping people reach their success.

She Can is a fundamental part of our efforts. It was created for women who want to make an impact as leaders in their homes, communities and at work. With our wealth of resources at Hallmark Leadership we are consult, coach and train practicing and potential women leaders and business owners os all backgrounds as they learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded change-makers in pursuit of their success.

Our Authors

Nicola Mann

Nicola founded She Can San Diego with her passion for helping others achieve their full potential and the love of her expertise in leadership and organisational performance. She started her career as a school teacher and later became a full-time lecturer, teaching on MBA programs for two highly ranked UK Universities. During the past fifteen years, she has worked with hundreds of individuals and groups as a leadership consultant and trainer in China, Malaysia, Dubai, Europe, USA and the UK

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Dr. Mary Troy Johnston

Dr. Mary is a retired political science professor from Loyola University New Orleans. Enthralled to be involved in matters of women’s empowerment and success, Mary brings her expertise in global politics and new approaches to security. After residing on Kaua’i for several years she maintains a devoted interest in ancient Hawaiian concepts about relationships, healing and inner power

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Sherrie Hurd

Sherrie Hurd is a professional writer and artist with over 20 years of experi Sherrie studied Psychology, Journalism, and Fine Arts and she has been featured on websites like Medium and The Mighty and also has published literary works.

Rebecca Goodacre

Rebecca is an expert weight coach in the UK, US and Australia. Rebecca works mostly one-to-one with Mom’s who eat for emotional reasons such as stress, overwhelm or unfulfillment. Rebecca is dedicated to helping women develop the mindset for weight loss and also feel happier and more fulfilled in their own skin.

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Caeley Elcock

Caeley lives in Lyon, France, and has been writing professionally since 2014. She works primarily in healthcare communications and enjoys creating journalistic, women-centred articles which help women tackle their challenges and thrive against the odds.

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Emily Fowler

Emily is dedicated to her field in clinical psychology. Her life goal is to improve the lives of children, young people and women. She brings and abundance of energy and enthusiasm to She Can and a passion for research and writing on the topic of successful single parenting and mental health. Emily enjoys writing articles which help women overcome adversity and become empowered to live fulfilled autonomous lives.

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Dina Harcourt

Dina is a lecturer and Quality Assurance specialist for universities. She brings thirty five years of management and leadership expertise to She Can whilst she continues to deliver lectures on MBA programs in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

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Jodie Moone

Diagnosed with anxiety disorder in 2017 Jodie put her writing skills and experience to work to help all women manage their mental wellbeing. Jodie shares the strategies and techniques which have helped her survive the tough days and thrive in her career and personal life.

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Anna Pink

As a highly experienced writer and editor, Anna brings her expertise as a holistic practitioner and transformation mentor in love, relationships, and sex. Anna has a natural ability to help women overcome adversity, clarify direction in life and make their goals a reality.

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Nicola Hoseck

Based in South Africa, Nicky’s background is journalism with a MA degree in postmodernism. Now a full-time writer, Nicky is focused on feminine identity, philosophical and cultural influences and how they impact on women today.

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Victoria Walsh

Victoria Walsh is based in London and is the former senior partner of Inventory Solutions Limited. She is a social media expert and writer of articles and e-books. She is also a mentor with the Princes Trust Enterprise Scheme and a member of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development).

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